Email Marketing lessons and tips from Twitter – May 2014

In this blog post I am going to show some examples of Email Marketing Tweets from May 2014.

Recently I have some fantastic email marketing hints, tips, stats and fails. So by creating a blog post with all these Tweets to share I hope this will make the most of Twitter’s top Email Marketing experts. Enjoy!

8 days in a row. #emailmarketing #emailfail The danger of auto-sending to non openers.

When running your email marketing campaigns it never a good idea to bombard your email subscribers day in day out, especially 8 days in row.
This would even lead me to unsubscribe from this companies emails. I want to be shown offers and tempted to shop not spammed for the whole week, anyway I am sure this is a one off…

how often is too often when it comes to sending email?

Ah, awkward. Well LinkedIn Email Updates we meet again. I personally have already completely unsubscribed from any LinkedIn alert emails as they were driving me insane.

This is one of the golden rules of email marketing that has been broken here; cherish and reward your email subscribers – don’t abuse and insult them. They may end up unsubscribing.

Be careful with your email subject snippets

Test, test, test. Your email campaigns must be tested in multiple email clients, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, MacMail to name a few. Had this been seen before launch I am sure this would be been corrected to avoid sending this out to their subscribers.

Using a service like Litmus or Email on Acid you can test your email campaign in all major email clients and platforms and devices, only by signing up then sending your campaign to them to test!

How to: Add a countdown timer to your email

In the Litmus Community Learning Center Alex has created a guide on how you can add a countdown time in your email campaigns.

By using a mix of PHP and a GIF image Alex explains how this works and even gives a rundown and includes and example too!

Monitor what email clients your subscribers use

By using an email service provider that can monitor which email clients are being used to view your emails in, it can give you a great advantage with your email marketing campaigns. Seeing who is viewing your email in which client can help you understand your subscribers better.
By also monitoring opening times and click-through you see what time your peak opens and clicks occur. Now armed with this information you can change your sending day and time to try to increase your opens and clicks even more.

6 Quick Tips To Grow Your Email List Offline

A really good informative blog post about building your email list offline and how you can do this just by keeping it simple.

By following these tips and continuing to build your subscriber base offline, this is introducing possible new email opens and clicks and increasing your website traffic.

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