15 natural ways to grow your email list

In this blog post I am going to show examples of how you can continue to grow your email list naturally.

The best thing about growing your email list organically is that people in your network are most likely to subscribe, so they will already be aware of who you are and/or what your business does.

I am totally against buying email lists and even wrote a blog post about it, as I always think naturally growing your email list benefits your email marketing so much more, not just the statistics of course… By using the tips below you can reach out to your existing network of contacts and encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Before you do ANYTHING – make sure sign up form on your website works and are visible correctly.

  1. Show people reasons why and what they will receive
  2. Include forward to a friend link
  3. Also include various share links in newsletters
  4. Word of social mouth – publish your newsletter link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+
  5. Give away downloadable PDF guide or infographic once they subscribe
  6. Run a competition and use a email subscribe method to enter
  7. Add a link in your companies Email Signature
  8. Write Blog Posts with signup box embedded in to encourage subscriptions
  9. Show archives of your newsletters – again share this along with your link to subscribe
  10. Send a “missed our newsletter?” social update with link
  11. Setup a laptop or tablet at any trade shows, where people can subscribe there and then!
  12. Sign up pop up box on your website
  13. Facebook page newsletter signup plugin
  14. Place a link on your business cards
  15. Days before your campaign is due out – social update to say “last chance to subscribe before Friday’s Newsletter!”

I hope this blog post can help your business grow your subscriber base naturally and improve your email marketing strategy!

Please feel free to leave any comments below or other ideas if you think I have missed any! 🙂

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