Email Battle 4 – Yo! Sushi vs Wagamama

Hello and welcome to the 4th email battle where we bring you the battle of the chopsticks – Yo! Sushi vs Wagamama.

Both email campaigns are advertising new products they are showcasing to their new subscribers.

To see the campaign in full please see – Yo! Sushi vs Wagamama


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One response to “Email Battle 4 – Yo! Sushi vs Wagamama”

  1. Voted Yo! Sushi.
    I like Wagamama’s design, but I don’t get enough info.
    I may as well just visit the website or Facebook page for info and unsubscribe from the emails.

    Yo! suffers a little from information overload, but it advertises their product, and makes me hungry. Doesn’t help, sushi being my favourite food, heh.
    A little too tightly packed also, but overall it meets my needs, personally, for why I would sign up in the first place.

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