What we can learn from Arnold Schwarzenegger about Email Marketing

Ok… ok, I love the work of Arnold Schwarzenegger and had to find a way to relate some of his film quotes into an email marketing tips blog… This blog post will hopefully entertain you, make you laugh while at the same time; giving you a bunch of email marketing advice and tips.

Most are general email marketing best practice and some are tips that might only effect a small number of email marketeers. I hope you enjoy this blog post and find it helpful, if so feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

Email Marketing is dead

The total opposite, used wisely it is one of the most best ways to encourage customers to your website.

Don’t lie about what you will send and how often

Be honest with your subscribers, if you aren’t they’ll fall faster than…

Keep the subscribe process simple

Don’t ask for people to tell you EVERYTHING when asking them to subscribe. Email, First name and maybe something relevant to your business – clothing companies for example should ask for gender too.

Give people reasons to subscribe

Show them examples of your email’s that you send on your subscribe page

No view online link

A view online link is vital incase the subscriber has issues viewing on their device or wants to see your email in all it’s glory

Give subscribers a voucher or discount code

Give away a voucher as an incentive for people to sign up to your newsletter

Send a Welcome Email

Say HELLO to your new subscribers! Maybe include a voucher, discount code or ebook

Run a survey or a competition

If you run a survey or a competition to your existing subscribers you can collect more data on your subscriber base, and use this to target your subscribers better in the future.

Send an invite to your latest seminar or webinar

These are the people who would be interested most in this – or be more likely to spread the word about your next event

Include some tips!

Make sure you give some good tips that are relevant to your subscribe base or your business sector

Remind inactive subscribers who you are

Send an email just to subscribers who haven’t opened or clicked in a while

Removing inactive subscribers

If you are going to remove some inactive subscribers from your list, contact them one last time to explain how they can stay active or re-subscribe.

Admit fault if you get it wrong

We all make mistakes – just be honest and send an “Oops email” admitting what you did


Thanks for taking the time to read this interactive blog post – I hope you found this useful 🙂

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