10 Fantastic Email Marketing Infographics for 2014

Recently I have noticed almost like a baby boom of infographic’s around the email marketing blog circuit, so in this latest blog post I am going to list my top ten!

What are Infographics?

Infographics are images that display factual data. They are used when a large amount of information needs to be broken down into an easy to read picture, which also makes it quicker to read. People will see infographics in many different places and your first introduction to them was probably in school or even on the internet .


Infographics can represent any kind of information as long as it is a known truth and fact. They are typically used by scientists, in businesses, mathematicians, college professors, technical writers, and statisticians. They usually represent numbers and statistics and they have three different elements that make them up. Visual, content, and knowledge elements are what you will find in an infographic.

Why are they useful?

The visual element is the visual effects that are used in the infographic to represent the knowledge and data. For instance, graphs, charts, pie charts, and percentages are visual elements and they are used to make reading information easier and more efficient.

The content element is what makes up the core of the infographic, just like the text you are reading now is the content of this article, without it you would be staring at a blank screen. The knowledge element is the factual information used in the infographic. It contains all numbers and knowledge that you need to learn from reading the infographic.


So, without further delays; I hereby present our favorite email marketing infographics of 2014.

Our Top 10 Email Marketing Infographics 2014

  1. Why mobile matters to your email marketing – Display Block

  2. 10 Must Know Email Marketing Stats 2014 – Wolfgang Jaegel

  3. Pushing the e-Envelope On-demand Webinar – Sikich

  4. Building a Killer Email List From Scratch – GetResponse

  5. The State of Welcome Emails – Exact Target

  6. The Current State of Email Marketing Strategy – Pure 360

  7. Triggered Email Infographic: More than 75% of marketers missing out on 4X opens! – EmailMonks

  8. 7 Myths of Email Marketing – Entrepreneur.com

  9. 10 email best practices – slideshare.net

  10. The Value of an email newsletter – iContact

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, if you have any other great email marketing infographics please leave a message below! 🙂

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