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In this latest blog post I am going to review Ebuyer’s Daily Deals Newsletter which I signed up for early last year as I do like to see the latest technology bargains! These email campaigns contain their latest products which they have reduced in price or have special offers on.

Surely the point of email marketing is to show your subscribers your new lowest prices and selection of special offers right? I mean, 95% of all email campaigns I see consist of special offers or discount codes and the latest sale items. Well what if you show the sale items but don’t show the price? This is what ebuyer do each week with their “daily deals” offers.

They have a range of special offers in their emails, but the main two items at the top of the email have no prices. In the example below you can see that the top two offers have the sale prices hidden meaning the subscriber has to click through to the website to see the new price.


This must give their emails higher click through rates, but I wonder if it helps also increase the sales of these items? Either way it is a good Marketing ploy and with all email marketing campaigns it is a good idea to experiment new things to entice your subscribers to click through and make a purchase.

I have purchased several times from eBuyer this way, as it makes me to want to see their latest hidden prices on their website – just to see how much the item is in price now.

My only gripe’s with ebuyers emails are;

  1. They are extremely image heavy, they could change to a mixture of html and text for the item description and click through buttons so that at least some of the content shows if the images are not downloaded by default.
  2. With so many email clients over many operating systems it would be ideal to redesign their email template to also make the design responsive, making sure the email views correctly across desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices.
  3. Their email designs are usally very tall, I can’t imagine many people viewing this on a mobile phone device without getting finger ache from scrolling down and back up to see what items they are interested in.

But again; this is email marketing – maybe these image heavy tall emails work for their subscriber base and they don’t feel the need to change this due to the results they are getting from this.

Below I have linked the two email campaign designs I have added to the website if you’d like to take a look.

Ebuyer 1st Email Design

Ebuyer 2nd Email Design

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One response to “Email Case Study – Ebuyer”

  1. Jaina says:

    Not including the price is definitely a click-through increasing tactic. Though I’ve not seen it with the likes of something like eBuyer, more so luxury goods! I guess it must work to get click-throughs up, but what they should really be interested in are the conversions – how many of those clicks actually bought? Would like to know that!

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