7 of my favourite Welcome Emails

Your welcome email is your best way to introduce your brand or products to your new subscribers. They have specifically opted in to your latest news and or offers, so start by thanking them for this.

Most companies now offer a bonus to new subscribers like a special offer or discount code when they place their first order. Even Marketing blogs like hubspot offer informative case studies or helpful articles via free PDF download once you subscribe to their email newsletter.

Keep your welcome email simple and don’t overload your new subscribers with information. Nearly all email marketing platforms allow you to track your automated emails too which is useful to see your results. Of course if you need to change your welcome email you can improve this over time, adding and removing relevant content for your subscribers, or even changing the email after reviewing its performance.

Here are a few of my favourite welcome emails so far, just click on the preview to view the full version and rate the email yourself.


I like the graze welcome email, a welcoming greeting using a lovely design using a mixture of images, html and text. The personalisation is a great touch too!



Lands End

One of my favourite welcome email campaigns is this one from Lands End. A great responsive email design surrounded by their images, a nice thank you for subscribing and links back to their shop for each gender and age groups.


Ask Italian

This welcome email design is a perfect example of using quality images for your products in your email campaigns. Ask Italian have kept this welcome email simple; thank you for subscribing, clear enticing call to action, their latest offers and social media links.




Another nice welcome email, this time from Harvester! They include a link for a free soft drink and they even include a link to print a copy of the email out to encourage you to redeem their offer. I love the image of the soft drink included further down so you can picture your free drink already!



B&Q have their welcome email simple but well laid out. They have emailed me my membership number, as well as a printable section to use my membership number to collect points for purchases I make on my account, as well as other links to their site and also a link to their app.




Another welcome email design where I enjoy the use of graphics of a brands products in action, this time with a very well laid out welcome message. Keeping the email simple with a paragraph of text then a large call to action button to view their current offers!




Zazzle’s welcome email design is another favourite of mine. A large header image of products and welcoming you as a subscriber, then what you can expect as a subscriber then four “get inspired” links to their product categories a customer testimonal and finally a call to action button back to their shop.



As you can see all different brands and sectors do things differently, but the most important thing is to acknowledge and thank you new subscribers. By offering a discount code or voucher when they subscribe this can tempt more people to signing up. You can then see on your website how many times this discount code has been used.

Just make sure you test this first and make sure the discount code works correctly and the email is tested prior to being launced. Not just visually but also check spelling, links work correctly and also what to use as the subject line!

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