6 things you might not know about our website

In this latest blog post we are showcasing features of our website that you might not know, in the hope that they will be useful for you while browsing our email designs!

I setup this website last year with the main goal to showcase great email designs and allow readers to rate, share and comment on the email designs themselves. Surely it should be the readers who have the final say of what makes a great email design and not just me?

You can rate the emails yourself

Under every email campaign design is an option to rate the email yourself out of 5 stars. This averages out when more than one person rates the email, this in turn then updates the “Top Rated Emails” section of the site, which orders these by average rating.

Every campaign is linked to Litmus Scope


We have linked every email campaign to Litmus Scope for you to view in more detail. Just click on the campaign image and it will open this in a new tab, this is so you can see the email in all of it’s glory, better than just a flat image! Litmus Scope also gives the choice to view the mobile version of the email campaign or view the code too.

Email designs have tags

We tag email campaigns with keywords on the subject or type of campaign that it is or the company it is created by. Subjects and email types are tagged too so you can browse through other similar designs.

View email by campaign type/category


When we add email designs to the website, we categorise these into the “email type”. Anything from Christmas to Festival or Welcome Email Designs and everything in-between! Just navigate to the “Email Types” menu at the top of the page to view the types of emails we have listed so far.

We show the subject line used


In all of our email designs we include the subject line used, as we feel this another good source of inspiration, as some of these email designs might not have been seen by some of you before, you can at least see what the email looked like and the subject line used for future email design inspiration.

Search tool available

As with most websites we have a search function located in the top right hand side of the menu bar. This will allow you to search for any blog posts or email designs. This includes tags, email types and company names if you wish to look for something specific.

And one for luck…

We love to share

On Twitter we love to share great email marketing blogs, tips and infographics, so much so we share at least one Tweet a day to another email marketing blog post. I use Hootsuite to shedule these in advance as well as retweeting any other email marketing or email design blog posts during the day. If you would like us to share your blog post please just Tweet us and we will be happy to do so.

I hope this blog post has been informative and helps you make the most of our website that we created for you hard working email marketing people! 🙂

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