10 Email Marketing Twitter Lists to Follow

In this latest blog post I am going to showcase 10 email marketing lists on Twitter that you should subscribe to and follow.

Creating a Twitter list allows you to group Twitter users not just for others to follow but also so you can easily view the list at any point to see only the users tweets from the list that has been created. This is useful to see the latest email marketing and email design tweets from fellow email geeks, saving you time of wading through other unimportant tweets during your day.

I started my list a few years ago while working in Email Marketing Support, over the years this has grown as I have networked with more and more email marketing entusiasts.

Usually I look thought the #emailmarketing #emaildesign and #emailgeeks hashtags on twitter to see the most popular tweets of the day, here you will most likely find some great blog posts and email geeks talking about email marketing.

If you would like to be added to my list please just tweet me at @mailinspiration

10 Email Marketing Twitter Lists to Follow

  1. IndieScott – https://twitter.com/indiescott/lists/email-marketing

  2. Luke Anker – https://twitter.com/LukeAnker/lists/top-1000-email-experts

  3. Mailer Mailer – https://twitter.com/mailermailer/lists/email-marketing

  4. Unbounce – https://twitter.com/unbounce/lists/email-marketing

  5. Shani Nestingen – https://twitter.com/shanij/lists/email-peeps-geeks

  6. Andrea Goreczky – https://twitter.com/KittensEmail2/lists/fellow-email-geeks

  7. Sujal Patel – https://twitter.com/_Master_P/lists/email-gurus

  8. Unbounce – https://twitter.com/unbounce/lists/email-marketing

  9. Jay Cadwell – https://twitter.com/jacaldwell/lists/email-geeks

  10. Message Systems – https://twitter.com/MessageSystems/lists/email-marketing

and one for luck….


I hope this blog post has helped you, if you have an email marketing list we should follow, please post below in the comments section to share with other readers.

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