Best examples of email subscribe pages

In this blog post we are going to showcase some wonderful email subscribe pages giving reasons as to why these are great examples.

By having a dedicated page where readers can subscribe this also gives you an oppotunity to showcase previous email campaigns and give examples of what your subscribers receive to persuade readers of your website to subscribe.

Other options include giving out a discount code or voucher for a website purchase – this is a very good use of an automated welcome email to send once the person subscribes, or even giving out a free guide or ebook for subscribing. Just be aware that some website visitors may forget they subscribed once they use the voucher or ebook – so make sure you include a note near the top of the email explaining how they might have subscribed to your newsletter.

Below are some great examples of email subscribe pages, I hope you enjoy these…

Broke Bloke Blogs

On the Broke bloke blogs website they encourage you to subscribe to their newsletter by providing an ebook for list building tips. I already visited their site to read a blog post about email marketing so the relevance is there for me to signup. This is exactly what email marketing is about about, what you can give to your readers for free to tempt them into subscribing.



This subscribe page by Litmus is very well designed and they only require you email address. Another great feature is that they have recent copies of email campaigns for you to look at before you decide to subscribe.



Action Rocket / Email Design Review

Action Rocket’s subscribe page they make it very clear what they will be sending you and how often. Not only this but only asking for your name and email, with examples below of their previous email newsletters to persuade you to subscribe.




I do love Hubspots blog posts and when they ask you to subscribe to their newsletter they give you options to how frequently you want to hear from them. Again this is email marketing done right – the subscriber should tell the company how often they want to hear from them, not just get bombarded with emails now and then.



Campaign Monitor

Here is another great example from Campaign Monitor. Notice the share buttons to increase the reach of the page and gain more exposure to the page. They also have included past editions below so readers can see what the emails are like before they subscribe.




Joy have really hit the nail on the head with this sign up page. They only ask for basic details but also offer 10% off your first order and the chance to win £250 of products just by subscribing. It’s these kinds of tactics that will encourage a website visitor to become a subscriber and make a purchase in the future.



Vertical Response

Ok, this is not a dedicated subscribe page but the subscribe box is so neat and tidy, along with clear explanation text of how often they will email you.




Mulbery really make it easy to subscribe to their newsletter. They only require basic details, name, gender, country and email address – but also give you a choice of which newsletters you’d like to subscribe to and a preview of these on the same page.



Email Monday

On the Email Monday website I have fallen in love with their very well designed pop up subscribe box. It’s not just the clean and smart way it is designed but also the way it smoothly slides across the page from different areas before your very eyes.



I hope you enjoyed this email marketing blog post – if you have noticed any lovely subscribe forms or pages please post a comment below to share with other readers.

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