4 Creative Ways To boost Email Marketing Response Rates

One of the major issues that marketers have to fight with is in regards to the response the get. In many instances, you either get a response or you get ignored. It’s that simple.

This becomes even more transparent when you’re dealing with email. If you’re sending out email newsletters and you need a response, you’re either going to get one, or you’re not. It’s black and white. Some may want to argue about this, but the truth of the matter is simple, once you hit that send button, you’re going to be left with wondering if you’re getting through to your list at all. In order to minimize the nail biting and anxiety of this, focus on the following creative ways to boost response rates.

Analyse the time of day

First and foremost, you have to be very careful as to when you are sending out email information. If you don’t focus on this correctly, you will see that no one clicks or opens your messages. When are your subscribers looking at their email? Think about that seriously. If you can’t answer that, then test out several messages and time frames. Then look at the analytics. Does your list open more and click at 11 AM on a Monday? Or do they click more on a Saturday night after dark? You have to look at this carefully then decide what time is best.

Be hyper specific about the call to action

Here is where you need to really think about what you want. What do you want out of your email marketing newsletters? Do you want people to buy? Do you want them to click? What is it that you want? Once you figure this out, be explicit as to how and where a person can move forward. Do not fill emails with 500 word epics. Get to the point, show people where they can click and why, then watch the conversion rate jump.

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

Do not send an email without reading over it several times. You have to make sure that you’re sending out your best grammar, best sentence structure and more. If you are putting things together fast, and you don’t double check, you could change words like “customer” into something negative, or you could make an egregious judgement call when sending things out.

Test Out A Template

Today, there’s so many email marketers that there are professional templates you can use. You can either buy them or build them yourself. Whatever the case is, try to use a template that matches the personality of your business. You’ll find that if you can frame your emails as something specific to who you are and what you’re doing, you’ll end up with a positive reaction from your list.

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