Top 5 Reasons People Unsubscribe


It happens to the best email list, no matter how grand it may seem, someone out there is going to click unsubscribe. If you’re starting out and your list isn’t that big, this is a huge black hole. It could cause you a lot of stress, but it’s important to not let it shake you. This is not the end. It’s something that happens a lot. However, there are a few things that you can do to stop this from happening. It starts with learning why people hit unsubscribe. Once you know that, you’re going to end up with a lot of insight. Here are 5 reasons why people unsubscribe.

Too Many Emails

The first reason is hefty, people immediately unsubscribe if you send them too many emails. This can happen with just the confirmation email, and subsequent “welcome” to the list emails that are sent out. After someone has signed up, don’t spam them, be very careful as to how many messages you are going to send out per week, per month, or annually. If someone thinks that they are getting too much from you, they’ll let you know by leaving.

Irrelevant Content

If you have a niche marketing list, stick to it. Do not go outside of that content field. Some people try to get a huge list and then shove affiliate marketing links into the face of many email users. Don’t do this. This will cause a lot of issues going forward. Irrelevant content is a killer, don’t let yourself lose sight of this.

Didn’t Sign Up (Fraud)

Some people never signed up. They honestly didn’t sign up and they are upset. They will unsubscribe fast, and will most likely be upset about it too. Be very careful about this, because too many fraudulent emails could land you in trouble. Try to manage your email sign ups and any list options with fraud alerts and checks.

Only Signed up For Free Stuff

If you’re using the marketing tactic of giving something away in order to get more subscribers, you need to know that it doesn’t last in many cases. Yes, you may have a great eBook, or a coupon that you want to give away, but you are going to need to retain those initial sign ups; that’s the hardest thing. Once someone signs up and gets what they want, they will most likely leave, if the follow up information isn’t compelling. You’ll have to really work on this one and make sure you are still offering the same service that they signed up for.

Loss of Interest (Many Reasons)

In the end, there are several reasons why people hit unsubscribe. There are so many reasons that you can easily put them under the umbrella of “loss of interest”. They may just not want your emails, they may have a different one they check, or they just may just not want what you’re sending them. Whatever the case is, this is something you have to be aware about moving forward.

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