25 Fantastic Email Marketing Tweets from September 2015

In this latest blog post I am going to share some of the best Email Marketing Tweets from September that I have found.

Twitter is a great resource for new blog posts and general email marketing tips, not to mention the countless amount of designs I find other email marketing geeks tweet. Just remember it’s not just the good email marketing practice that people shout about – get it wrong and people may tweet to share how much you may have filled their inbox or how you sent your campaign to the wrong audience or misspelled the subject line.

This is what I like most about the community of email geeks on Twitter – anything like this gets shared and people give their opinions on and people always share the best blogs and best email marketing examples.

I hope you enjoy these Tweets below and I do plan to keep doing this blog post on a monthly basis from now on.

25 Fantastic Email Marketing Tweets from September

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