How To Send Emails That Keep Customers Coming Back For More

Email is a personal thing. When someone gives you their email, they are trusting you. They assume you are not going to spam them relentlessly. When you get a new subscriber, they are supposed to be interested in what you’re sending them. Otherwise, they’ll unsubscribe immediately after receiving the first newsletter you send out. How do keep them coming back? Or better yet, how do you get them to avoid hitting the unsubscribe button? You don’t just want to send emails to the abyss, you want interaction, and that’s the hard part. There are a lot of ways to go about this, but only some of them are tried and true. The following methods have been proven to work well within the confines of email marketing.

Know Your Non-Responders

If you are working with a strong email marketing program, then you have non-responders. You will denote how many people opened the email and who didn’t. When you see a large percentage of your audience not opening your newsletters. You’ll want to send a feeler email out. Send an email to the non-openers asking if they no longer want their subscription. Most of the time this will be met with favorable results. There will be times when you do not get an answer, but knowing is half the battle here. You want to know this information so that you can gauge what types of emails are getting opened most, and which ones are getting ignored.

Create Limited Time Offers

Here’s a page out of the traditional marketing world, create a limited time offer. In the email that you send out, make sure that you keep people interested by setting limits to the coupon codes, discounts, and information that you send out. This may seem rudimentary, but here’s the thing, don’t do it often. Make these scarce. Make discounts, especially heavy discounts so scarce that your email list will not want to miss the next time you decide on dropping a huge discount.

Answer Real Problems

You should respect your email list enough not to send them “sales” emails all the time. From time to time, you need to create value. By omitting a hard sell, you can get the attention of jaded consumers. Instead of giving people a sales pitch, offer them information that empowers them. Think about the problems that consumers in your niche face. Answer the problems with real world ideas. Then interact by asking for suggestions, comments and more. If you lead the newsletter to your site for comments, suggestions, and more, you will get more correspondence.

These ideas are just a few options to consider as you learn how to send emails that keep customers coming back. The goal is to empower and inform. Do this, and your client base will grow exponentially.

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