The Most Powerful Words For Subject Lines

Email newsletters are fascinating, especially when you consider the words utilized. There are powerful words that you can use whenever you write subjects and titles. If you work within a certain scope of words, you can get more clicks, get your message read, and a call to action that will get you more sales and more. It’s important to understand that words have power. They have the power to gain a lot of interest to your brand, and ideas, and it has the same connectivity that could send people running away. Consider a few powerful words to utilize in your subject line below.

The Invitation

The first thing that you need to consider is simple, how are you opening your email? By looking at grammar and literal first lines, you will see that the word “invitation” is a potent solution to getting your titles clicked on. People respond to this, but they’ll hit the delete button fast if you don’t follow up on it. That being said, be careful how you throw this word around and how you reference it in the body of your email.

The Introduction

Another great solution here is to look at the phrasing that comes with “Introducing”. When you come through with this, again make sure that you focus on how you follow up with the content of the email. Introducing people to new ideas, new products, and more will get people interested in clicking through to see what your email is going to be. Introductory emails are always good, but don’t abuse this word, or you could end up with a large number of individuals jumping out of your newsletter.

Highlighting Positivity

Perhaps one of the more alluring words that you can use is a simple one, and that’s the word “Special”. This not only gives people a “limited” scope of time to read and respond, it ties up the introduction and invitation quotients as well. Highlighting positivity does great things when you consider the positivity that comes within this framework. Highlighting positivity is a good thing, and through the use of the word “Special”, you have something absolutely grand. Test this out amidst the other ideas and utilize power phrases for your titles whenever writing emails.

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