6 Reasons Why You Need to Use an ESP

Every person has heard the word ‘email’, they have even heard the word ‘email service provider’ but most of the people do not understand the proper meaning of the latter.

An email service provider is any company that offers you with the service of email marketing or email services in bulk. There are various reasons as to why companies or people might need an ESP. This includes the following:

  • Some startups won’t know how to deal with their consumers through marketing aspects hence they could make use of such services
  • Most ESPs are not much expensive so they can be used efficiently to have a stronger base.
  • A company might see that it has been a long pattern and no productive feedback is seen through email marketing. Hence it could employ one to have a change.
  • ESPs can help you recognize many other aspects that you haven’t been even thinking of covering

There are many services that the ESPs provide which is also why they are employed for. This could range from any of the below reasons;

Blocked Status

While you are sending many marketing emails through your own provided Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail domain, you could easily end up getting blocked or even get blacklisted for the same. Now you simply won’t want that, do you? Hence it is an effective practice not to put your personal name or address at risk and do so in a professional way.

No Guess Work

Suppose you have sent some mails and you are also getting some responses. But how do you know the reason behind the responses. You don’t even know who responded and why they did. This way you won’t be able to know which strategies are working out for you.

Tracked Record

An additional benefit of using ESPs is that they can track the exact number of visitors for you since they are making a target for you and they can tell you the exact amount and you don’t need to ponder over unnecessary things. Most Email Service Providers will track email opens, clicks and device views, dates and times or these actions, which you can filter and investigate further.

Customised Designed Templates

Remember the time you spent making your work look distinguishable, it would work obviously but not always. Hence ESPs are the best way to get those easily accessible designed templates which you can use to have your own image to set your style without wasting time, or even have them design a bespoke email template for your company.


If an email address no longer exists or the inbox is full sending an email to the address may bounce back – this will send an email back to your showing the report of the email bounce. Now if you were sending via your own Hotmail Gmail or Outlook you would be inundated with these emails – by using an ESP they will handle all of these for you.

What do these email bounces mean?

There are two types of bounces, hard bounces and soft bounces. A hard bounce is a permanent failure to deliver the email, there are a lot of bounce codes to give an exact reason but with a hard bounce it means the address no longer exists. A soft bounce is a temporary failure to deliver the email and this could be anything from the out of office being turned on, mailbox is full or the email is too large for the limit being received.

Named Names

Well this is really why you could make use of Mail Chimp or constant contact. This is because if you are someone else sending bulk amounts of mail, the filters do not know you and you can have consequences of that. These names are well known and trusted within the community and hence another reason you need to use an email services provider!

From the many known, you are now abreast of the top 6 uses of ESPs and we surely look forward to you using one to boost your success in the future!

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