Mailchimp’s email with only 3 images

An email campaign doesn’t have to be over complicated.

An email campaign doesn’t have to 20 products that all now have 10% off in or 20 of your latest blog posts that you have to show to the subscriber.

Your email needs a clear and concise call to action, you have little time to catch the subscribers attention and you shouldn’t overload them with too much information.

Mailchimp’s latest email to hit my inbox contains just 3 images, Mailchimp’s top logo the featured image and the Mailchimp logo in the footer, complete with an appealing gradient background colour.

They want to make you aware of a new feature they have release; personalization tools – to try out to help you make the most out of your email marketing. They don’t try to sell to you, they are making this all about you, the subscriber.

I need to put a hat on so I can tip it, well played Mailchimp.

Images off


Images on


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