17 Fantastic Email Marketing Infographics to kick off 2017

In this latest blog post we are going to showcase some of our favourite recent email marketing infographics. I wrote a blog post titled 10 Fantastic Email Marketing Infographics for 2014 so as it is now 2017 I decided to write a blog post sharing 17 email marketing infographics into a new blog post.

While I do enjoy reading email marketing blog posts my time at the moment is limited and I have to be entertained and intrigued to read a blog post, which I why I really do enjoy a good infographic.

The short blast of information, facts and graphics and design all combined really captures your readers attention and is very easily shared via social media. When shared more readers can read the Infographic just on social networks like Twitter on Pinterest without actually opening the blog post at all and the information is a great way to grab the readers attention. I guess that’s why most people like a good Infographic right?

Without any further delay please find below 17 email marketing infographics which I hope you find useful.

17 Fantastic Email Marketing Infographics for 2017

Do’s and don’ts of email marketing for retail by Campaign Monitor

Ecommerce Email Marketing Best Practices by Email Monks

How to Improve Email Open Rates by Campaigner

The Ultimate Mobile Email Open Statistics by Easysendy

The Ultimate Guide to Email in Australia by Litmus

Email Marketing Trends 2017 from Industry Leaders by Freshmail

50 best practices for email marketing automation by Pipz

Affiliate Email Marketing by Email Delivered

3 Email Marketing Stats You Need to Understand by Louise Myers

37 Email Marketing Stats to Blow Your Mind by After Offers

Email Marketing for SMBs by Pepper

Why Email Marketing is The Key to eCommerce Success by Revamp CRM

What the future holds? Visualizing the Email design trends for 2017 by Email Monks

29 Tips to Improve B2B Email Campaign Performance by Spear Marketing

Top 10 Email Marketing Questions by Smart Insights

Why Choose Email Marketing Infographic by Display Block

The amazing journey of an email campaign by NewZapp

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, please do comment if you’d like to share your email marketing infographic so other readers can find these too! Next year I’ll have to

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