5 Incredible Ideas for Automated Email Campaigns

What is the formula for a successful online store? Nobody can tell for sure but what is know is that email marketing plays an important part in the sales of eCommerce stores – and that fact should not be forgotten. That’s why almost all online stores employ some kind of automated email marketing strategies to further boost their conversion rate.

Automated emails are a series of emails set up by marketing experts of the business. These emails are sent automatically when a certain date or customer action is met.

So below are some automated email marketing ideas that can increase your sales on your website.

Nurturing Emails

According to an estimate, about 50% of the people who show some interest are not ready to buy. So, there is a need to educate them more about the business and how things work. That is what nurturing emails do. These emails make sure that the potential customers know more about the store. When they know more about it, they are more engaged, and then they are more likely to buy products or services.

Welcome Email

Welcome emails are a norm. About 3 out of 4 people expect a welcome email when they subscribe. Still, it is critical and you must be doing it. That is because when the potential customer just showed interest in your store, it is a good time to email and tell some important things and recommend some products.

The open-rate of this email is 400% more than other promotional emails. So, if you come up with a good strategy on how to pitch yourself in that email, your sales will see a surge. Try to turn the subscriber into a customer by offering a welcome discount code that new users can use and this is only given out in your welcome email, just to entice new users to make a purchase.

Abandoned Carts Emails

A UK web research company found out that more than 65% of online store carts are abandoned. That doesn’t not sound like a good news, but here is the nice part:

You already have the information of the customers who abandoned carts, so you only need to produce an email strategy that engage them again. That is what abandoned carts email does. To get better results, you should make a sound plan for these emails to persuade customers without giving them any feeling of annoyance. Send them a reminder that they left the item in their cart but in your abandoned cart email give the customer a unique discount code like “abandoned10” for 10% off their order, you can then track this specific discount code to see how successful these emails are.

Email for Active Audience/Loyalty Campaigns

Although many companies try to get more new customers, but for a successful business operation, you must never forget your regular clients and active audience. That is why you need to have an automated email marketing plan for them too.

You can give them product recommendations based on their behaviors, but the best thing is to roll out loyalty campaigns regularly and give your active customers some worthy discounts.

Birthday/Anniversary Emails

Hitting an email with Birthday wishes to your clients is quite common, but it can work if done right. You can renew this custom by giving a Birthday offer to your clients.

If you are still looking for something even newer, you can choose to email clients when they complete a specific period with you like 6 months or a year. That way, clients will feel more special and would like to buy stuff from you.

That’s it for this blog post, I hope you found this useful. Email marketing is a wide topic. To do better, keep learning new things about it and keep reading our blog!

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