Why We Love Email Marketing (And You Should, Too)

The 20th century and the 21st century are marked for the inventions in the field of computer and technology. The invention of the internet further added to its beauty. The internet has revolutionized the ways of living and even the thinking of the men. The world has been transformed into a globe where a man sitting in one part of the world can see the happenings on the opposite part. The internet has also changed the ways of business and most of the businesses are employing the modern techniques to gain maximum advantage. One of the most important internet techniques that most of the businesses are using is the email marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a technique in which commercial messages are sent to potential customers in the form of emails to increase loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. This email may also consist of promotions and advertisements relating to the business. It is one of the most cost effective techniques being used by almost all the businesses across the world. Email marketing is very useful technique and we all love this technique for the following reasons:

  1. Reduced Time and Effort
  2. Cost Effective
  3. Segment User and Customer Database Management
  4. Easy to Track and Share
  5. Global Perspective
  6. Return on Investment

Reduced Time and Effort

The very first reason of email marketing being loved by all of us is its ability to save time and cost. Through email marketing, the works extended on months and years are winded up within hours. Moreover, it is also an easy to use process and requires fewer efforts on the part of the business. Just think how much time it would have taken to publish the advertisements or sent messages through writing, printing, and posting through post service. But all this has been summed up in this email marketing and it takes only seconds to send advertisements and messages through this medium. Moreover, the presence of computers at every business place and availability of internet has made it quite easy.

Cost Effective

The second reason of it being loved by all of us is its cost effectiveness. Email marketing is very much cost efficient. Almost except the cost of personal computer and internet monthly rental, there are no certain other costs incurred on email marketing. Also, the writing, printing, and posting of the advertisements take a lot of money. Just think of costs of advertising in a news paper about your business. It, surely, takes much cost to advertise through other methods. But here you only need to hire personnel to manage the emails.

Segment User and Customer Data Base Management

Another reason that we love email marketing is that it can be used for a segment of people that are your target customers. You can easily make a data base of your potential customers and can well easily manage it. This also saves your time and efforts and you target only the segment that is interested in the product or service. For example, you are doing a business of cars and have the data of all the customers who visited the showroom. Now, by making a data base of such customers you can send email messages and advertisements to those customers.

Easy to Track and Share

It’s being easy to track and share is another reason of its being loved by all the people across the world. There are no other methods in which you may be able to track the results of your marketing techniques. But, with the help of internet and email marketing, it is quite easy to track the results of the technique. For example, you can measure the click through rates with the help of computer and also can check from which source the customers are approaching the products and services. Moreover, it is also easy to share the success of the business through email marketing and also other social media channels.

Global Perspective

Another reason of email marketing being loved by the businesses is its global perspectives. Through this technique you can approach the potential customers across the globe and your products and services are not confined to a particular area or community. If your targeting approach is right, you can spread your message across the world. And it is the desire of every business man to expand his business across the world; therefore, email marketing is the best method to achieve this goal because internet knows no border limits. Your links are also improved and these links help in the business.

Return on Investment

Last but by no means least – a reason for email marketing being loved by all the people is its return on investment. According to marketing experts the email marketing returns 30-40% of investment in the business. Also as the other costs of advertisements decrease, the return on investment increases.

To conclude, we can easily say that email marketing is very useful and effective technique employed in all businesses now a day.

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