6 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Email Marketing

Email Marketing? You may say that this is the era of social media and online content but you must know that email marketing is still there in the game and plays a crucial role in the running of your marketing operations.

So, what is a marketing email actually? By using your email and managing how a potential client would visit your website to how he or she could become an actual and repeated client or customer.

However, you have to be strategic regarding your email marketing. The best way to form your strategy is to keep in view what your competitors are doing. In this way you have an idea what standards you have to meet and thus you would know how to remain a step ahead of your customers. Here are a few things you can learn from your competitors in this regard,

Success Strategies

Email marketing is reliant on quality and the growth of your email contact list. Your competitors can teach you about the success strategies. All you have to do is to look for how your competitors are gaining their contacts. Do they offer some incentive in exchange for the email sign up? Is that incentive more attractive than yours? How they ask for opt-in permission, is their way more effective than yours?

Frequency of Emails

This is an important subject in email market strategies. In short, your emails should not be too less so that clients forget about you after a while neither should they be too frequent that the client unsubscribes you. You have to be strategic about this issue.

First, your emails should maintain quality and relevance. You can send frequent emails if they are relevant and have the potential to interest the client.

Type of Content

The success of your email marketing depends majorly upon the quality of your content. You can have an idea about what content should be sent to the clients by looking at your competitor’s content. In this way you will know how to present something unique that will make your brand standout among others. You should know whether they are sending out videos or text.


Another important thing which plays a role in email marketing is the subject line. You should be aware of what subject lines your competitors are using. Otherwise, you may be sending out the same subject and thus it may become monotonous for the clients. This is the only chance to convince your customers to read your email.

Types of Email

You should know what types of email your competitors are sending out to the clients. Are they sending information, promotions or vlogs? Also, what kind of promotional giveaways are they sending out?

Types of Products

The products you are giving away as giveaways or promotions should be valuable to customers because they are going to represent your company itself. Also you should be aware of what your competitors are giving away and be should be ahead of them in this regard.

Now that you know more how to stay one step ahead of your competitors, don’t stop there and keep doing more.

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